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Richard and Beth Siess
Contact us by Home # 17853362563 or Mobile # 17852940209 or # 7852942056 Email here Feel free to call and talk with either Richard or Beth. We do prefer to talk with you on the phone rather then text if you are interested in a puppy. Thank you!

Our English Bulldogs are Family Owned and Socialized by our kids and grandkids.

We have several adults also at this time, if you feel you can provide a forever home for one of them please call us.
You can view them here

Is is safe to fly my puppy?

We are very satisfied with United Airline Flights. Check out their Pet Safe Program here.

There are temperture and location and weight restrictions for bulldog puppies. So please check with United Airlines to make sure your puppy can fly to your location.

To check on availability to fly a puppy close to you,
You can call United Cargo Line here 1-800-822-2746 (ext 2) We would be flying out of Omaha or KC.

We have had others fly into Omaha or KC to travel to meet us. We are a 2-3 hour drive from either airport.

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People often tell us;

You have beautiful bulldogs!

Your dogs are very active!

We totally agree that our english bulldogs are beautiful creatures, and they are just like children they are just as different in personalities as they are in looks.

Often we have english bulldog puppies available at an older age, we feel it is more important to place the puppy with the right family sometimes at a bit older then the 8 week age.

When we have english bulldog puppies for sale we inform our buyers that the 8 week age is the soonest we can let a puppy leave our home, but often it is at the 9-10 week age. Please Read our life of our english bulldog puppies here.

AKC Registered Breeders of Rare Color English Bulldog Puppies. Colors we can offer are Chocolate tri, Blue Tri, Black Tri and occasionally Lilac Tri. Please contact us for more information regarding what you are interested in.

Richard and Beth Siess
Contact us by Home # 17853362563 or Mobile # 17852940209 or # 7852942056 Email here Feel free to call and talk with either Richard or Beth. We do prefer to talk with you on the phone rather then text if you are seriously interested in a puppy. Thank you!

Beautiful bulldogs come from within. The bulldog standard is what we strive to breed for but our good natured bulldogs come from years of breeding good natured bullies and taking good care of them.

Not all Micro Chips are the same... Read more about why we micro chip all our puppies before they leave the Siess Ranch.

When you activate your pet's microchip, you and your pet will be registered for life in a 24/7 Pet Recovery database. No further fees are charged for this lifetime recovery service.

Hank and Steve have been found!
What a stressful time for their owners, luckly they were both microchipped and the owners were actively looking for them and contacted several shelters and local authorities to help them find the two bullies. Read more about micro chip data here

Siess Ranch Recommend Nuvet Plus Vitamin Supplements.

We personally have been giving all our dogs Nuvet Plus since 2004. For our adults we feel they are healthier and stay healthy during the stressful times of motherhood. And for our puppies we feel this helps their immune systems develop at a young age. We start our puppies with this sprinkled on their food before the weaning age. And then by the time they are ready to leave here they are starting to eat these as treats! We strongly urge all our puppy owners to order NuVet Plus Vitamin Supplements. Read more here about the benefits of NuVet Plus.

What are Miniature English Bulldogs?? Read more about the AKC Breed Standard here.

Are these two girls Miniature Bulldogs? Be Aware! Read more before you buy....

We are proud to announce Colonel Rock has joined Western Illinois University as Rocky III

Rocky is a Bella and Dude puppy.


Buster the Bulldog is a big hit over at the Union University in Jackson Tennessee

Here is a video of Buster and his sisters before he left here at the ranch.

Make sure to like Busters FaceBook page here!

Read more about our Smart Bull Dog Puppies.


Brittney and Neil's Rhubarb turns 1 year! Brittney writes to say that Rhuby was the flowergirl in their wedding this past May.

Rhuby's accomplishments are listed on the Smart bulldog puppy page here.

How we care for
"Our English Bulldog Puppies"

Shows from birth to when you take your puppy home.


How Vince & Jenevie felt about buying a puppy from the Siess Ranch,
After talking with her for the first time there was no hesitation that this was real! She talks with you and can give you all the information you will need to assure you without having to ask any questions. Read More Here about Diogie and his new family.

Kimberly states;
It is not easy buying a dog over the internet but I am sure glad we were able to locate your web site, Thanks for everything!" See what others have said here

12-09 Kimberly sends a photo of Hyde at age 5.

Healthy Puppies make for
Happy Puppies
see our recommended care and training guidelines for your new bulldog puppy.

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Here is a video of our Black tri and Blue Tri english bulldog puppies. Rare english bulldog breeder.

Also our chocolate tri english bulldog puppies are considered rare colors.


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